New. Luxe LiPure Lipstick
  • I purchased the Mocha Incredible Corn Concealer, after coming across your website a few months ago. I was a bit hessitant about placing the order as I have never heard of such a product. I must tell you that it is the BEST product I have ever used. Finally I am albe to expose my toes. After years of feeling concious about my feet, now I can finally wear open toe shoes. Thank you so much for this amazing product. My life has totally changed.
  • Loveee. Doesn’t feel like anything is on your face, has a very light feel and also lasts all day. Also, My favourite thing about it is it can be used as a powder or liquid foundation!!
  • I love Tajj Cosmetics Foundation and the creator. When I wear this amazing foundation I do not feel any heaviness and it blends perfectly with my skin tone. I do not usually wear makeup because most itch my skin. I highly recommend Tajj Cosmetics because it’s affordable and high in quality.
  • So many times I’ve walked into a makeup shop, seeking for the right Foundation and because I’m dark skinned, the MUA instantly decides to give me the darkest shade of foundation that they have. in the book! Well, not anymore, I’ve finally met my match, my perfect match for my not-so-perfect skin, TAJJ Castory Foundation always have me looking flawless, as I walk boldly on stage to perform with all the bright Camera lights focused on me. It certainly enhances my confidence along with the BOLD, CREAMY lipstick, they last all day without touch ups, SERIOUSLY, I get a lot of compliments on the LIpsticks, and I bought all the shades! Love them all, but Baby and Pink Satin are my favs! 🙂
  • Talk about happy customer. TAJJ Cosmectics have me popping all day every day. Best lipstick on the market! Trust me, I’ve tried quite a few and I am so impress with the quality, it’s simply amazing! No peel. Don’t take my word! Just try it. #ItsAllAboutTajj - Rosemarie Powell