The Successful Single Mom Article


I am loving this series. Round 2 of the Successful Single Mom is here and mamas, get ready to be inspired! Single parenting is not easy by any means, but millions have done it, do it, and are thriving. This series is here to show you that women just like you found themselves single AND parenting, got up and chased their dreams. Sis, you can, too!

The Background

I first met our Mom of the Week, Marie Smith at a mastermind held by Paul C. Brunson and Ella Rucker in D.C Fall 2014. That 1 day experience  changed my life, and Marie and I became  fast friends. In fact, everyone in that mastermind is still connected to this day.

Marie was in the hot seat at the mastermind the longest. And for good reason! She had a business. Many of us had ideas, concepts, and dreams. Marie had the real deal. Many of us walked away with strategy, plans, new friends, less of a headache (raises hand), accountability and the start of our amazing  brands. But, I learned so much from her then and now, and am proud to call her “girlfriend.”

What follows is how Marie found the courage to chase her dreams and how the desire to change the face of beauty for women of color is at the forefront of her endeavors. Read on and be inspired!

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